Family Archive Viewer

Family Archive Viewer 11.0

Create and customize genealogical trees
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Generate a complex family history by inserting genealogical data. Mark specific cases and branches of the genealogical trees such as descendants with no children, cousins, etc. Compile reports listing all elements, remove duplicate parts, check the current project status, save progress, etc.

The Family Archive Viewer's setup program will allow you to install the Family Archive Viewer into a directory containing Family Tree Maker for DOS. This will not harm your Family Tree Maker for DOS or Family Archive Viewer program files. Genealogy Report (Register report only) inserts two additional blank lines in the list of children who have no children of their own. You can use the other descendant-ordered Genealogy report, the NGS Quarterly, which does not exhibit this behavior. You can also copy and paste the Register report to a word processor to remove the blank lines and print the Genealogy report.

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